The Dolam Children’s Home in Katutura, Namibia

Located on the southwest coast of Africa, Namibia is a developing nation with sharp inequality
between rich and poor. 
For Namibian children who have been rejected or abused by their families
there have traditionally been few options.  Particularly if the children or their family members
are living with HIV/AIDS.


The Dolam Children’s Home in Katutura, Namibia was developed to address this need. It provides modern, safe facilities for 21 children and makes sure they have access to education and health services. Learn more in this video interview with Rosa Namises, the founder and guiding light of the Dolam Children’s Home.

Master contributes on an ongoing basis to help cover operating expenses for the Dolam Children’s Home.

In addition to practical help, we sponsor an extra tutor to help the children with their homework.
This assists the children and creates a part time job for the tutor in a country where there is over 50% unemployment.



Our staff also visits the home in person to meet the children and express our support. We have been personally touched by the willingness and efforts of the kids to learn and their determination to succeed and we are impressed by their thankfulness for the help provided. Certainly a good lesson for us and our families at home.



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